Concept, task, reference: three types of technical documentation

One of the most important aspects of technical writing is effective organization, which not only improves your content’s quality and ease of use, but makes it easier to revise and reuse. One common method for organizing content is DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture): a modular approach to creating content that emphasizes topic-based writing. In topic-based […]


Using content boxes in MadCap Flare: Creating content boxes

When you’re writing documentation, you may want to highlight certain pieces of information with content boxes.  In Part One of this two-part article series, we’ll show you how to design content boxes with HTML/CSS in MadCap Flare. Depending on the project, you may have several types of content boxes that contain different kinds of information. […]


How to outsource effectively

So, you’ve decided to seek help to produce your technical documentation? Maybe even our article “Outsource or Hire? A few thoughts to help you choose” helped you decide? All you have to do now is make sure everything goes smoothly. Your documentation has to be produced as efficiently as possible and, especially, it has to […]


Outsource or Hire? A few thoughts to help you choose

You may be a small- or medium-sized company, sometimes your technical documentation needs are very big! But are they big enough to hire a full-time writer? Or would it be more cost-effective to outsource your documentation? After all, you call on external resources to design your web site, do your book keeping and resolve legal […]