The Topic-based Method

In technical documentation, everyone knows the topic-based method is a must. But what is it exactly? In the topic-based method, every topic stands alone Every topic should be independent. This means that when you’re developing a topic, you have to thoroughly answer all questions (who, what, how, when, why). This way, every topic becomes complete […]


The Right Format for Your Technical Documentation

Are you thinking it’s time to put your technical documentation into a new format? In this article, we’ll go into the details of the formats most commonly used in technical documentation to help you choose the best one for your products and your clients. Paper Ah! Good ol’ paper! Printed documents never go out of […]


Identifying and Writing for Your Users’ Goals

Goal-oriented documentation is effective documentation. In this article, we’ll look at how to identify your users’ goals and create content that meets them. Go ahead: ask them! The first step in identifying what your users’ goals and want from your documentation is to ask them! Really! Take a direct approach and formulate open-ended questions like: […]


Identify Your Audience

Before you start writing, even before you think about content, format and technical details, you must first identify your audience. Your typical users While you can’t imagine every reader who may eventually pick up your manual or consult your online support, you can profile your ideal or typical user, a kind of avatar who summarizes […]


Myth 5: Technical Documentation Is Useless

Just use the product. Push a few buttons. Shake, shake. Kick! Okay, it’s still not working. Make a few phone calls. You’ll figure it out! Right? Hmm… Actually, a user’s manual might be handy right about now.   Reality Think of when you’ve ever been in a pinch: a deadline is looming, your staff is […]


Myth 4: Technical Documentation Should Be an Inside Job

Many managers think that because their staff knows their products like the back of its hand, documentation is best produced in-house. Reality Contrary to what some may think, outsourcing your technical documentation may be a better choice since knowing your product is only part of producing quality documentation. While it’s true that your in-house staff […]


Myth 3: Technical documentation? Boring!

For many people, technical documentation is uninteresting because of all the dry facts and information it presents. Reality Okay, it might be true that technical documentation rarely has exciting information: there is no action and definitely no suspense. While your documentation may never be nail-biting and breathtaking, you can most certainly make it interesting! No […]


Myth 2: Technical Documentation Is Expensive

Legend would have it that technical documentation is frightfully expensive, devouring your budget in one toothy bite. Technical documentation projects are spooky expenditures that haunt your company like skeletons in the closet… Aren’t they? Reality Though all too rare, cost-benefit analyses prove that technical documentation is not only affordable, it’s sweet and profitable when well […]