8 great reasons to use a chatbot for your customer service

Companies that offer products and services online have quickly caught on to how chatbots can help them turn visits into sales. Some even get very creative to boost their conversion rate.

How does customer service fit into all this?

Chatbots go largely underutilized when it comes to customer service. According to a study by chatbot developer Helpshift, 94% of Americans (and we suspect that the numbers would be similar in Quebec and across Canada) dread contacting customer support. Frustrations associated with calling customer service include:

  • Long wait times
  • Frequently being transferred between agents and having to repeat the problem over and over
  • Being unable to reach anyone on evenings or weekends
  • Difficulties communicating with agents in offshore call centres
  • Never-ending automated phone menus

Given that, it’s no surprise that up to 40% of consumers don’t care whether a human or chatbot helps them, and that just 9% of respondents in a Userlike study on chatbots said that a company shouldn’t use a chatbot!

Need more reasons to add a chatbot to your customer service strategy? Here are 8!

  1. Answer the most frequently asked questions: Your technical support and customer service teams probably spend way too much time answering the same simple questions. A well-designed chatbot can handle all the most frequently asked questions and transfer only the more complex questions to your agents. That way, it’s a win-win situation: your customers get faster answers to their questions, and your agents can focus on the real problems.
  2. Help more customers, faster: A chatbot can help an unlimited number of customers at the same time and still give each one its full attention. Additionally, if the chatbot is well thought-out, it can find the requested information much faster than any agent could. 
  3. Provide 24/7 support with no wait: Wouldn’t it be a dream to have customer service available around the clock for all your customers worldwide? A chatbot can make that dream come true! Not only can your customers talk to your chatbot during nights and weekends, but it’ll also never be too busy to answer right away.
  4. Improve access to information: A chatbot is also the ideal tool to easily and immediately share all kinds of information with a customer, such as images, photos, videos, and documents, all without having to send a single email.
  5. Provide service in multiple languages: Finding an agent who speaks multiple languages is no easy feat. A chatbot, though, can speak any language you like once you put in the legwork of investing in translation.
  6. Gather important information about the customer’s problem: Not even the best chatbot can answer every question, and in some cases, a human will need to step in. But having to repeat your problem can be a pain. When a chatbot transfers a customer to an agent, it also sends over their entire conversation. That way, the agent won’t have to go back to square one — and neither will your customer.
  7. Collect data: A chatbot can also help you gather all sorts of useful data about your customers, beyond just getting their feedback on your products and customer service. By analyzing things like the chatbot’s interactions with customers, the terms your customers used, and the questions that had to be transferred to an agent, you can easily see what information you should add to your database to improve the customer experience.
  8. Give customers what they want: When they reach out to customer service, all your customers want is to quickly get help and find solutions to their problems. And that’s exactly what a chatbot has to offer.

If you’re thinking about jumping on the chatbot bandwagon, keep in mind that it can’t handle all your customer service needs on its own. It has to be part of a comprehensive strategy, and most importantly, be well designed to ensure that it won’t just become another source of frustration for your customers! In our next article about chatbots, we’ll look at how to design a chatbot that will actually help your customers and lighten the load on your customer service team. Here’s a teaser: the chatbot should allow customers to easily get transferred to an agent!