Guides for a platform lift system for multipurpose spaces

Need Gala is the largest platform lift manufacturer in the world and THE reference for multipurpose halls. Its unique technology transforms a space, truly multiplying its possibilities: A banquet hall can turn into a theatre, a concert hall or an exhibit room. The sky’s the limit! However, a host of factors have to be taken […]


A PowerPoint training presentation

Need Prinoth’s in-house staff regularly does a great job designing its documentation. But since Prinoth needed training materials on its new tracked vehicle and its staff was at capacity, the team entrusted Lios with producing a PowerPoint. Solution Lios had to incorporate information specific to this new model (photos, drawings and technical specs) into an […]


Complete guides for commercial refrigeration systems

0Need For over 50 years, SML has designed and produced customized stainless steel equipment. It has worked, among others, in the food service sector to offer products, such as wine cellars, meat counters, range hoods, grills, countertops, furnishings and storage units. Recently, SML has also started manufacturing products for a broader audience. These include a […]


Installation manuals for distributors

Need With a long list of waiting orders, NRC needed a way to speed up the delivery of its towing equipment. It decided to increase its productivity by requesting its distributors to install the equipment themselves. But, for this to work, these partners had to be able to install the trailers efficiently and properly. Solution […]


Manuals for towing and recovery equipment

Need NRC is always looking to take that extra step in meeting its clients’ needs. And that also means providing technical communication tools that truly help NRC’s customers use its products. NRC doesn’t have full-time in-house technical writers to call on and, anyway, it prefers that its employees spend their time doing what they do […]


Manuals for several lines of agricultural and forestry products

Need Anderson Group is proud of its reliable and innovative products, but it wanted to give its clients all the tools they needed to make the most of its products for as long as possible. Anderson also wanted to make sure its documentation reflected the quality of its products. This is why it does business […]


Manual for an automatized reverse-osmosis device

Need Always looking to offer a little extra to its sap-processing customers, Dominion & Grimm developed an automatized reverse-osmosis device controlled by a tactile screen. Most concentrator users may be familiar with the basics of this kind of device, a tactile screen interface was completely new to them. Users needed explanations on how to use […]


Manuals for a line of evaporators

Need For over 100 years, Dominion & Grimm has manufactured high-quality syruping equipment. Over time, its evaporators became more and more complex and the accessories that make them so efficient multiplied. Though use of the evaporators was increasingly complicated, users still only had technical sheets to turn to for help. This meant that their equipment […]