Production coordination for technical documentation

Need It wasn’t really a question: when its R&D covered three continents and its team of writers grew from one to many, Objectif Lune knew it had to structure and control how its documentation was produced and managed. Solution In Lios, Objectif Lune found the expertise it was lacking to give its documentation an orientation […]


Installation manuals for distributors

Need With a long list of waiting orders, NRC needed a way to speed up the delivery of its towing equipment. It decided to increase its productivity by requesting its distributors to install the equipment themselves. But, for this to work, these partners had to be able to install the trailers efficiently and properly. Solution […]


Processes for technical documentation and a knowledge sharing tool

Need Communication is key when product development involves multiple players in different groups. In 2011, Newtrax wanted to give its staff a tool that would favour in-house communication and information sharing. Solution Called in to help, Lios advised and guided Newtrax in using its knowledge sharing tool to better meet the company’s needs. Lios then […]


Organization of documentation

Needs Having lots of documentation might seem like a good thing. But, as Dunin realized, it can also become a sizeable problem. When it ended up with tens of thousands of Word documents in which its staff couldn’t find anything, Dunin understood it had to take action not just to facilitate searching and using the […]


Technical communications strategy

Need Cogiscan offers solutions in several modules that can be tailored to each customer. What’s more, it regularly adds new functions to these apps. While this gives Cogiscan a huge competitive edge, it also makes things much more difficult when the time comes to document their products and to train new clients and partners. So, […]


Content management support for an online help tool

Need Equipped with an online help tool with thousands of pages of information, our client’s customer service department struggled to answer calls within reasonable time frames. One thing was clear: we had to find a way to improve the tool to help their customer service staff become more efficient. Solution Solving this problem wasn’t easy. […]


Documentation management support

Supporting the brand In 2010, Accedian was growing and needed to improve its technical documentation to better support its customers. It also wanted its documentation to be integrated into its business’s branding. Accedian called on Lios to produce various products: installation, user and administrative manuals, app notes, etc. Supporting growth with the right tools The […]