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When documents are designed well, people want to use them. Do you feel that your documents are still missing a certain “oomph” that would make them stand out?

Lios can make your guides, manuals, and other documents look professional by formatting them in Adobe InDesign.

Does your organization manage lots of documents of the same type? Lios can also build InDesign templates to help you streamline the content, structure and layout of each of your document types.

With our thoughtfully designed templates, you can do away with fiddly formatting that costs you time and money — allowing you to finally invest all your energy in creating quality content!

With InDesign, we can make your documents:

  • Eye-catching
  • Well structured
  • Visually consistent
Documents that grab your attention and inspire confidence.  
Are you drowning in documentation? Have information that needs to be reused across documents or that is available in different formats (PDF, HTML)? Or maybe you need more than just layout software? Lios can also recommend tools to help you better manage your content and produce your documents.

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