MadCap Flare and content management tools

Do you use or want to use MadCap Flare or another content management tool? 

Lios puts its in-depth knowledge of MadCap Flare to work for small and big projects alike. We can help you get started and maintain your Flare projects according to best practices. By assessing the consistency of your projects, Lios can help you make necessary corrections.


Our speciality is making information:

  1. Well-structured
  2. Easy to find
  3. Easy to consult
  4. Easy to update
  5. Easy to use and reuse

Effective management of information that reduces the costs and time to design, maintain and translate your content.

That’s all we do

We are technical documentation experts. We know how to produce truly helpful content that’s easy to find, easy to understand and easy to use.

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