Training materials

New employees, equipment, products, working methods, standards to follow… as soon as there’s something different, it takes training.
Lios can help you reduce the cost and time of bringing everyone up to speed, be it your staff, business partners or customers.

Training and self-directed learning

You want to provide everyone with the means to improve their skills?
Lios designs training materials that clearly transmit the necessary information while reflecting your company’s image and vision.

Knowledge transfer

You have to juggle employees’ departures and other changes in staff?
Lios will guide you on the best tools for preserving and sharing their knowledge, and help you implement them. Lios knows how to ensure a seamless transition from seasoned staff to new recruits.

Increased productivity, consistent product quality and upward swings in

A few examples:

  • Online knowledge sharing
  • Task support documentation
  • Presentations
  • Training plans
  • Trainer training
  • Trainer and learner manuals
  • Online or printed self-directed learning modules
  • Learning guides
  • Videos
  • Mentorship
  • Workshops

That’s all we do

We are technical documentation experts. We know how to produce truly helpful content that’s easy to find, easy to understand and easy to use.

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