Is your company as efficient as it could be?

Is your production line running a little slow? Your product quality isn’t consistent? Your staff isn’t always efficient or well-equipped? You have a hard time retaining customers?

Managing your information means managing your success.

Better inform and train your staff, business partners and clients. Give them the means to work smarter and more effectively with information that is exact, easy to understand and easy to use. Every time!

Over 15 years of experience
with manufacturers

Ready to put information at your service?

Improve your


Sales and marketing

Help your clients make the right choices

Give your customers the information they need to choose the product that best meets their needs.
By providing them with thorough and quality documentation that inspires trust, you’ll show your customers they can count on you. And you’ll enjoy a clear competitive edge.

Equip your sales team, agents and distributors

Give your team what it needs to exceed expectations. Give them the technical materials that attract and convince future customers.
Well-done demos, training, sales materials and technical documentation are all tools in your sales team’s toolbox.


Customer service

The best answers are those your customers find
on their own...

When customers consult your documentation, they just want one thing: to find the answer that will fix their problem quickly. So, give them the tools they need: guides, online help, FAQ, tutorials, and other truly useful tools.

...or by phone or chat

Your customers prefer contacting you directly? Great! Your customer service department is standing by! But make sure your reps have the tools they need to give customers fast and accurate support. Equipped with Lios’s task support documents, knowledge bases and other well-designed tools, your reps will always have the information they need right before their eyes.


Staff training

How much is chaos costing you?

Probably too much!
In lost time and productivity. In missed business opportunities. In lowered client satisfaction. In high staff turnover. And maybe even in damage to your reputation.

Clearing up confusion pays off

With quality user and maintenance manuals, task support documentation, working procedures and knowledge bases, you’ll give your team the tools to do its work well. What do you get out of it? An optimized production line, constant product quality and, especially, more efficient staff.

That’s all we do

We are technical documentation experts. We know how to produce content that is truly helpful: easy to find, easy to understand and easy to use. 

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