A PowerPoint training presentation

Prinoth is a large manufacturer of snow groomers, tracked vehicles and vegetation management equipment.

From start to finish, Lios was available and attentive to our needs. They really understood our expectations and succeeded in creating a training module that is harmonious and in keeping with our other documentation.

Gérald Carrière

Service representative


Prinoth’s in-house staff regularly does a great job designing its documentation. But since Prinoth needed training materials on its new tracked vehicle and its staff was at capacity, the team entrusted Lios with producing a PowerPoint.


Lios had to incorporate information specific to this new model (photos, drawings and technical specs) into an existing training module. To do so, it visited Prinoth facilities to observe the various stages of production and gather all the information it needed. Lios then had to intimately understand the complex technology of this Prinoth product and make sure its modifications to the training module worked for the trainer. Throughout the project, Lios worked closely with Prinoth staff. That’s how Lios provided a PowerPoint presentation that perfectly met Prinoth’s needs.