Content management support for an online help tool

Project for a provincial public organization mandate

Our client was a government organization offering a variety of services and information to hundreds of thousands of customers.


Equipped with an online help tool with thousands of pages of information, our client’s customer service department struggled to answer calls within reasonable time frames. One thing was clear: we had to find a way to improve the tool to help their customer service staff become more efficient.


Solving this problem wasn’t easy. We first had to find what wasn’t working with the tool and fix it. Then we had to make sure the best practices put in place would continue to be applied by the in-house tool maintenance team. For over two years, from 2013 to 2015, Lios worked closely with our client to be able to transform the tool and ensure a smooth transition for customer service agents. No stone was left unturned: the navigation, page structure, information architecture… Lios and our client completely reorganized their online help to make search functions more intuitive and effective. Even better, Lios trained and equipped our client’s team to ensure the longevity of these improvements. And the end result was customer service agents who can now answer their customers’ questions better and more quickly.