Guides for a platform lift system for multipurpose spaces

Project for Gala Systems

The leader in the platform lift and understage industry, Gala Systems provides integrated electromechanical systems for automatically reconfiguring assembly and performance spaces.

We’ve been doing business with Lios for over a year now. In partnership with our teams, Lios has taken on the production of technical bulletins for our electromechanical multipurpose hall systems. Lios is effective, available and thorough. Its team members truly grasp—and adapt to—their clients’ needs.

Richard Mireault, Eng.

Director of Engineering


Gala is the largest platform lift manufacturer in the world and THE reference for multipurpose halls. Its unique technology transforms a space, truly multiplying its possibilities: A banquet hall can turn into a theatre, a concert hall or an exhibit room. The sky’s the limit!

However, a host of factors have to be taken into consideration when designing multipurpose halls. As a result, Gala’s sales team was answering the same questions from potential clients over and over again about how their technology would impact seat selection, HVAC system installation, and the management of the various accesses to the space. Gala therefore decided it needed manuals outlining the general guidelines of hall design using Gala technology. It was intended to give design teams—the technical directors, architects and other players—all the information they needed to purchase a Gala system and best integrate the space’s other elements. In short, Gala wanted to help its clients keep both feet on the ground and make informed decisions while they dreamed up their ideal space.

Since Gala wanted these manuals to be straight-forward and easy to understand, they entrusted the job to Lios.


Thanks to its outsider’s fresh perspective on the Gala system, Lios quickly focused on the information to be conveyed and found the simplest way to present them. Using many illustrations and photos, Lios conveyed complex information in ways that made it accessible and readily useable. The manuals Lios produced clearly highlight the system’s impact on space design and the advantages of all the options.

What’s more, Lios also produced a specification document for Gala system technical specs. This document put all the information the sales team needed for bidding within easy reach.