Installation and user manuals for mining industry software

Project for Newtrax

Newtrax is a leading provider of safety, productivity and analytics solutions to the global underground hard-rock mining industry.

Without an in-house technical writing team, our challenge was keeping our installation and user manuals up to date and publishing them alongside the software. With Lios, we are confident about the quality and exactness of our manuals. Lios is available when it really counts for Newtrax, and working with them is easy, quick and effective.

Myriam Pelletier

Director, R&D


Always looking to offer its clients a little extra, Newtrax regularly develops new systems and software and continually improves its existing products. And to help its clients use all these products well, Newtrax works to provide them with quality manuals. That’s why Newtrax has entrusted Lios with all its technical documentation since 2011.


For Newtrax, working with Lios means enjoying all the advantages of a team of in-house writers, but without the disadvantages. Available and professional, Lios understands the needs of Newtrax’s clients and designs manuals they find truly helpful. Lios also uses tools to keep this information up to date and translate it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.