Installation manuals for distributors

Project for NRC

NRC is a major designer and manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment.

The biggest advantages of working with Lios were both their almost total lack of knowledge about installing our equipment and their rigorous data collection methods. Unlike in-house staff, they didn’t take anything for granted! As a result, they thoroughly explained every step of the process. They also suggested information-sharing methods that are much more modern and flexible than those we had initially imagined. The result is an online installation manual that is easily navigable, visual, concise and very thorough.

Maxime Saint-Pierre

Director, Sales and Marketing


With a long list of waiting orders, NRC needed a way to speed up the delivery of its towing equipment. It decided to increase its productivity by requesting its distributors to install the equipment themselves. But, for this to work, these partners had to be able to install the trailers efficiently and properly.


For this new mandate with NRC, Lios designed simple, but thorough, installation guides that describe the installation of the equipment step by step. More visual than textual, these guides quickly give all necessary information. What’s more, they were created to be consulted both in paper and tablet format to facilitate information searches.