Manuals for a line of evaporators

Project for Dominion & Grimm

Dominion & Grimm is a leader in the development and manufacture of maple syrup equipment.

We will continue to provide clients with technical support, but what we have noticed [since working with Lios] is that the number of calls has dropped significantly. Many questions can now be answered by simply directing clients to their user’s guide.¬ Our sales representatives now have complete materials for Dominion & Grimm products.

Stéphane Pepin

Vice-president Dominion & Grimm, Anjou, Québec


For over 100 years, Dominion & Grimm has manufactured high-quality syruping equipment. Over time, its evaporators became more and more complex and the accessories that make them so efficient multiplied. Though use of the evaporators was increasingly complicated, users still only had technical sheets to turn to for help. This meant that their equipment had to be installed by D&G teams, breakage risks from poor installation increased and D&G was bombarded with questions from customers and representatives. In 2010, Dominion & Grimm decided to call on Lios to offer its users documentation that met its products’ high quality standards.


Writing clear manuals was a sizeable task since each evaporator is custom-built to individual client’s specs. Yet, Lios rose to the challenge of meeting each user’s needs. When it all boiled down, the technical support team saw the proof of happier clients as the number calls, well, evaporated!