Manuals for several lines of agricultural and forestry products

Project for Anderson Group

Anderson Group designs and builds agricultural and forestry equipment.

We’re always adding new products, so we’re constantly producing new guides for our customers and dealers. For several years now, we have entrusted the creation of these guides to Lios and, over time, they have developed in-depth knowledge of our products, customer base and needs. This makes it easy working with them. They are available and there when we need them. It’s also always really pleasant working with Lios. They are efficient and always try to offer the best possible product.

Michaël Gagnon-Bouchard, Eng., M.Sc.

Project Manager, R&D


Anderson Group is proud of its reliable and innovative products, but it wanted to give its clients all the tools they needed to make the most of its products for as long as possible. Anderson also wanted to make sure its documentation reflected the quality of its products. This is why it does business with Lios.


Since 2010, Lios wrote and updated user, maintenance and troubleshooting manuals for Anderson Group’s various product lines. Well-designed, well-thought-out and easy-to-understand, these manuals truly help Anderson’s customers and support both its distributors and customer service department.