Manuals for towing and recovery equipment

Project for NRC

NRC is a major designer and manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment.

We know our products well, but Lios has the expertise and tools to share this knowledge with our users. Lios really understood just how important it is to describe the complex equipment we manufacture in plain, concise and effective language adapted to our clientele. Pascal and his team have helped us boost the overall quality of our products and they contribute every day to our company’s success.

Maxime Saint-Pierre

Director, Sales and Marketing


NRC is always looking to take that extra step in meeting its clients’ needs. And that also means providing technical communication tools that truly help NRC’s customers use its products. NRC doesn’t have full-time in-house technical writers to call on and, anyway, it prefers that its employees spend their time doing what they do best. This is why, since 2011, NRC has entrusted Lios with designing and writing its user manuals.


By working with Lios, NRC enjoys the services of a team of professional writers—but just if and when it needs them! It can offer its clients well-thought-out, well-designed, easy-to-understand user guides that truly reflect its branding.