Online training capsules

Project for Cogiscan

Cogiscan makes computer apps for the electronic assembly industry.

For improving our training methods, we had a good idea of the objective to be reached, but no clue about how to do it or which tools would make it possible. With Lios’s help we chose technological tools and set up a process by steps, with tangible intermediary deliverables that helped us measure the mandate’s progress and assure its quality along the way. This ensured a professional final result that met all the initial objectives and budget.

André Corriveau

CTO, OEM Account Manager


In 2015, Cogiscan was on a roll. Its solutions for product control and monitoring were presented in more and more plants around the world. Cogiscan wanted to quickly make sure its new employees, distributors and clients had a good overall understanding of its systems. So it called on Lios to find the best way to quickly and thoroughly train its people.


After having assessed the various training tools out there, Lios and Cogiscan chose a series of self-directed learning capsules. These online clips gave an overall view of the systems and cemented their unique terminology. Now everyone was talking the same language and so communicating! Cogiscan can now concentrate its energies on making more complex information understood.

And, the capsules now more easily reach a broader audience and can be watched at the time and pace that best meets each user’s needs.