Organization of documentation

Project for Dunin Technologie

Dunin Technologie invents and develops intelligent and customizable software solutions intended for custom-design product manufacturers.

We were looking at tens of thousands of Word documents when we called in Lios to restructure them. Yet Lios quickly helped us take an entirely different direction. With their help, we were able to present our company’s knowledge in a completely new way. It was nothing short of a revolution in how we managed our documentation! Since then, our knowledge and expertise are much wider reaching and better structured and it’s easier for all our employees to share and contribute.

Serge Dumoulin

President, Sherbrooke, Québec


Having lots of documentation might seem like a good thing. But, as Dunin realized, it can also become a sizeable problem. When it ended up with tens of thousands of Word documents in which its staff couldn’t find anything, Dunin understood it had to take action not just to facilitate searching and using the information, but also to better transfer and share knowledge within the company. It turned to Lios to get things in order.


To make Dunin’s documentation easy to find, use and maintain, Lios first implemented a new collaborative knowledge sharing tool. It then reorganized the documentation in a logical and intuitive structure so everyone could find what they needed when they needed it. Finally, Lios implemented a content creation and updating process that makes sure Dunin’s documentation is always up to date and ready when its customers need it.