Production coordination for technical documentation

Project for Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune creates software tools to help its customers communicate more effectively with their own clients.

Objectif Lune went from a documentation department of one technical writer in a local office to a multi-writer team over three continents. After a few acquisitions (and staff in three different time zones) and designing and solidifying a new generation of software, we needed to create new documentation and plan out its translation into four languages. Constantly evolving, the publication of this documentation had to be produced on demand and pre-publication validation procedures were crucial. With a suite of complex software programs and a diverse clientele, user experience was really important for us. Our documentation also had to be closely connected to our other online information. Lios proved to be a major partner, not only for the technical side of implementing the selected solution (choice of tools, software, processes, etc.), but also for the management of human resources and “intangible” aspects (user experience, group dynamics, optimization, etc.). Dealing with several writers with different native languages, cultures and visions, and leading them to cooperate greatly helped implement the solution. Lios took the different personalities and contradictory opinions into account without deviating from the underlying objective of all documentation: making it useful and orienting it around the needs of the user, the true client!

Jean-Pierre Beaujean

Training & Communications Manager


It wasn’t really a question: when its R&D covered three continents and its team of writers grew from one to many, Objectif Lune knew it had to structure and control how its documentation was produced and managed.


In Lios, Objectif Lune found the expertise it was lacking to give its documentation an orientation that would meet its clients’ needs. Lios guided and advised them to set up methods shared by all writers, in addition to implementing tools that facilitate managing, creating and updating its documentation.