Screencast for survey management software

Project for Voxco

Voxco provides survey solutions that facilitate data collection and analysis in studies and surveys.

The Lios Technologies team made is possible for us to get our technical documentation online by our deadline. We are very happy with the improvements Lios made to our content and its new presentation. Thank you for your professionalism and efficiency.

Thierry Froux

Product and Development Director, Groupe Voxco Inc., Montréal, Québec


Acuity4 Survey, Voxco’s survey management software, is highly intuitive. Always careful to properly support its customers, Voxco still wanted to provide a tool that gives an overview of its functionalities. It called in Lios’s expertise to create a video presenting the software.


In a 90-second screencast, Lios explains step-by-step how to use Acuity4 Survey to create and distribute surveys, and analyze findings. Lios meticulously worked over every aspect of the video’s visuals, text and pacing. The result? An effective illustration of just how intuitive Voxco’s software really is.