Specification analysis for the configuration of manufacturing product software

Project for Dunin

Dunin Technologie invents and develops intelligent and customizable software solutions intended for manufacturers of custom-designed products.

We subcontracted Gober’s summary of needs to Lios because of its experience as technical documentation specialists. Its expertise led to an excellent relationship with our client, who was greatly reassured for this major part of the project by how easy it was to work with Lios and how knowledgeable its team is. Thanks to their technical skills, Lios’s engineers understood, distilled and presented the information to be shared, all the while applying best practices in technical documentation. The information was very diverse, but Lios’s mastery of the engineering reassured both us and our client. We will certainly call on Lios for future projects.

Abdel Hakim Yahiaoui, ing., PhD.

Projects Director


In 2015, Dunin had an enviable problem: its software solution for manufacturers was so popular Dunin’s staff couldn’t keep up with the demand. Each of Dunin’s solutions is tailored to its customers’ products and processes, a task that requires a slew of information to be collected for each new job. To respond to its clients faster, Dunin called on Lios to collect the information and draft a specification analysis.


Lios quickly became familiar with both Dunin’s and its clients’ technologies so we could understand what information we needed to seek out. From ordering to delivery, Lios analyzed all aspects of each Dunin customer’s manufacturing production to gather all the data Dunin needed. Presented in a clear and well-written summary of needs, this data helped Dunin configure its solutions to meet its clients’ needs. At the end of the job, Lios had two happy clients!