Technical translation and writing

Project for Alstom

Alstom is a world renowned transportation specialist. It designs and offers systems, equipment and services for the rail sector.

We frequently need external resources to write our user documentation. The complexity of our systems requires a variety of technical skills. Pascal and his team allow us to produce clear and effective documents that meet our clients’ needs.

Souheil Abihanna

Project Manager Alstom Télécité, Montréal, Québec


In big companies like Alstom, documentation needs are, well, big! And they can sometimes overwhelm in-house capacities. Alstom must be able to count on external writers and translators when its people get bogged down. But, with such complicated systems to document, it can’t turn to just anyone.


Since 2006, Alstom has counted on Lios to pick up where its writers and translators leave off. Thanks to their solid technical background, Lios’ engineers are able to understand Alstom’s technology to produce user, installation and maintenance manuals that reflect Alstom’s top-quality branding.