Writing, designing, and translating software user guides with custom branding

Project for Clemex

Clemex develops high-performance image analysis solutions to support scientists and engineers in their research, innovation and conformity endeavours.

What a team! Diligent, proactive and well-organized, Lios impressed us with their excellent project planning skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of industry best practices and tools.

Catherine Nawrocka

Project Manager


Clemex has built its business on a microscopic attention to detail. When the time came to document two new software solutions, the team sought out technical writers who would share their focus on excellence and be able to quickly grasp their complex technology. Most importantly, they needed to find documentation specialists who could create distinct branding for both proprietary and third-party distribution, as well as produce the documents in multiple languages.


As a small company, Clemex would not have been able to find the writing, design, and translation skills that they needed in a single new hire. Since they strive for excellence in all aspects of their business, opting for external support was a perfect way for them to get as-needed access to an entire team of knowledgeable technical communicators.


Since Clemex needed their documentation to be ready for the initial release of their software for early adopters, it was critical that Lios begin developing the guides in tandem with the development process. Over the span of several months, Clemex provided Lios with each new version of the software as it became ready, and the teams conducted regular screen-sharing sessions to transfer knowledge. In working hands-on with the software, Lios was able to better understand how users would approach the tool and was even able to help streamline terminology to ensure a consistent user experience.


No stranger to complex projects, Lios suggested using MadCap Flare to write and design the documentation. By creating multiple stylesheets and layouts that could be dynamically applied to any user guide at publishing time, Lios made it a breeze to apply custom branding on the fly at no additional cost. With MadCap Lingo, a translation management system, the original manuals were then seamlessly translated for international users. Thanks to Lios’ help, Clemex can now tailor their documentation to provide their various audiences with a customized experience.

What’s next

Lios is looking forward to working with Clemex to implement a leading-edge online help system that will support their users even more closely.