Information at work.

For optimum performance, organizations should be able to produce quality information and make it easy to find, understand and use.

And that’s what Lios does, day in and day out. We help organizations provide the right information at the right time to the right people so they can make the right decisions. The result? Our clients reach their productivity and sales objectives and improve their customers’ experience.

Who are we?

A little team with big skills

We decode...

Lios is a team of techies (yep, with engineering degrees to prove it!) who are curious and passionate about what they do and who have the skill-set it takes to understand even the most complex information.

...and communicate

With a little help from our writers, translators, graphic designers, programmers and a few other specialists, Lios’ technical team presents information so it’s accessible to every user. After all, many heads are better than one.

What do we do?

Way more than user manuals

A host of consulting services…

To plan, analyze, evaluate, reorganize, improve or just design the tools you need to do things better, we start by taking an expert look at your needs. We think of everything so your people have access to the information they need when they need it.

…and content that works

And, yes, of course, we also do user manuals. And online help, and training materials, and self-directed learning modules, and task support documentation… Whatever your content, we design documentation with just one objective in mind: to truly meet the needs of your users, whether that’s your employees, partners or customers.

How do we do it?

We don’t add, we multiply

1+1 is more than 2…

You’re experts in your products and services. We’re experts in structuring and presenting information. By adding the talents of our two teams, we get a multiplied answer. And results.

…and can be 1

Lios always works in close partnership with its clients. We don’t work with your team, we’re on your team. This way, we’re sure to be on the same page and adapt quickly to change.

For whom?

For anyone who cares

For your staff, clients and partners…

We work hard to develop better tools because we believe that people who are better trained and informed are happier, more skilled and more effective.

…but especially for you

Our goal: to help you sell more, better satisfy your clients, produce better quality products and services, and do it all quicker. In short, we want to make your company more productive by putting information at your service.