Technical editing

Technical editing is about more than just proofreading. Sure, we can correct the syntax and spelling in your documents, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Lots of people can do a simple spell check, but Lios offers something rarer: an in-depth edit of all aspects of your documentation.

The Lios experts will put their sharp eyes to work to help your employees, clients, and users by improving:

  • the structure of your technical documents
  • the clarity, relevance and completeness of the information
  • the use of illustrations
  • the flow and visuals of your videos and screencasts
  • the links and cross-references in your documents, guides, online help and software
  • the user experience with your software interface

Content that is more relevant, clearer, and better presented, which is more effective in helping your staff, clients and users.

That’s all we do

We are technical documentation experts. We know how to produce truly helpful content that’s easy to find, easy to understand and easy to use.

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