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Made up of technical specialists and experts in writing, information architecture, content management and web integration, the Lios team understands your products and technologies and knows how to document them clearly.

Pascal Viscogliosi

Founder and project manager

Mylène Goupil

French-language technical writer and editor

Charlotte Lee

Technical Writer
For nearly 10 years, Pascal worked for leading telecommunications companies. Much to everyone's surprise, this is where he discovered his passion for technical documentation. He went on to found Lios Technologies with the goal of helping high-tech companies make their products better known and therefore sell better.
Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from the Université de Sherbrooke
Graduate diploma in Management (DESSG) from HEC Montréal

Mylène worked as a freelance editor for over ten years before joining Lios, her favourite client (naturally!). She goes the extra mile to find the right term and clearly express even the most complicated of ideas to make sure the message is always understood correctly.


Bachelor's and Master's in French studies from the Université de Sherbrooke

Before becoming a technical writer, Charlotte worked in client service, where she became interested in helping people understand common processes and tools. She enjoys figuring out how products work and writing about them, making technical documentation the perfect use of her skillset and passions.
Bachelor of Arts in French from the University of British Columbia

Rachel Jeannotte Maranda

Technical writer and translator

Réjean Campbell

Technical writer and project manager
Rachel chose a career in technical writing to combine her passion for words with her logical mind. With a keen interest in terminology, she enjoys finding the term that best describes a situation. She tackles transforming complex ideas into clear, structured, and precise text as part of her day to day at Lios Technologies.
Bachelor of Language Sciences from Université Laval
Bachelor of Translation and Writing from the Université du Québec en Outaouais
Réjean joins Lios after spending five years writing and editing technical documents to support the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornets (and their associated test equipment). Réjean prides himself on his crisp, readable writing style that efficiently communicates technical ideas.
Bachelor of Music (Composition) from Queen's University

We've also got a little help from our friends!

Over the years, Lios has called on a wide range of exceptional partners who help us as much in developing content (writing, translating and editing) as designing it (graphic design and web integration). If we're good, it's also thanks to them:

Over 15 years of experience
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5 good reasons to choose Lios to manage your technical documentation

  1. Expertise: We combine the best practices in technical documentation with technical know-how.
  2. Experience: Made up of experienced professionals, our team has been offering technical documentation services for over 15 years.
  3. Tried and true methodology: At Lios, technical documentation is a team effort: you are part of our team and we are part of yours.
  4. Faithful clientele: Many well-known companies have entrusted us with their technical documentation projects for years.
  5. Flexibility: We stay in touch at every step of the project to make sure your needs are met, even when these needs change.