Content Editing

For version 2.0 of your documentation.

You have technical documentation, and lots of it, but…

  • your clients don’t use it and keep calling Customer Service for information that they could find themselves
  • you aren’t sure that it contributes to your company’s brand image
  • you feel like it’s missing a little something

Lios will edit your documentation in depth and ensure that the information provided is clear, relevant, simple, and easy to understand.

Ready to take your technical documentation to the next level?

A fresh perspective...

Having your products documented by the people who know them best is a good starting point. But to end up with effective documentation, it’s best to hand it off to experts. At Lios, we know nothing — or almost nothing — about your products. And that’s our strong suit. We will take a fresh look at your documentation, which allows us to see what’s not needed, what’s unclear, and above all, what’s missing. When it comes down to it, we approach your products and documentation the same way as your users.

...backed by years of experience

With over 15 years of experience, we know the drill. Our experience enables us to suggest new ideas to improve your documentation, from both a structural standpoint and the way information is communicated and presented. Additionally, over time, we have developed a considerable ability to quickly grasp even the most complex equipment and software.

Over 15 years
editing your documentation

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