Migration of documentation to Arbortext

Project for Groupe Soucy

Soucy Group designs and manufactures various components for the world’s top recreational, industrial, agricultural and military vehicle manufacturers.


To provide documentation for many different projects, Soucy Group needed a tool that would facilitate updating and reusing content. This is why, in 2013, it decided to change its documentation tool. It now uses Arbortext to produce its documentation. But to go forward, Soucy had to begin by migrating its existing documentation to this new tool. Even if Soucy has a skilled team of in-house writers, they lacked the time for this new undertaking. Soucy called on Lios.


Drawing on its experience with content management tools, Lios migrated part of Soucy’s documentation to Arbortext, and did so on deadline. It also made sure Soucy staff were trained to take up where it left off. Soucy’s writers got off to a great start with this new tool.