Documentation management support

Project for Accedian

Accedian delivers exceptional end-to-end network performance visibility, for control over the best possible user experience.

Supporting the brand

In 2010, Accedian was growing and needed to improve its technical documentation to better support its customers. It also wanted its documentation to be integrated into its business’s branding. Accedian called on Lios to produce various products: installation, user and administrative manuals, app notes, etc.

Supporting growth with the right tools

The company continued to grow, making it essential to better manage its ever greater body of technical documentation. Lios implemented MadCap Flare, a content design, publishing and management tool, to facilitate documentation management and production, and reduce documentation costs. Lios also integrated all existing documentation into Flare, by organizing the information in an easy-to-maintain structure.

Supporting… flawlessly!

Thanks to its documentation team and MadCap Flare, Accedian now manages and produces almost all of its own technical documentation. However, it can still count on support from the Lios team to meet its most specific or one-time content development and integration needs.