Manual for an automatized reverse-osmosis device

Project for Dominion & Grimm

Dominion & Grimm is a leader in the development and manufacture of maple syrup equipment.


Always looking to offer a little extra to its sap-processing customers, Dominion & Grimm developed an automatized reverse-osmosis device controlled by a tactile screen. Most concentrator users may be familiar with the basics of this kind of device, a tactile screen interface was completely new to them. Users needed explanations on how to use it without being drowned in too much information. Dominion & Grimm asked Lios to sift the essential information from the superfluous rest.


Despite the challenges of this mandate, Lios enjoyed a twofold advantage from the get-go. It knew Dominion & Grimm’s products and technologies well, and taking the user’s perspective is one of Lios’s strengths! Working closely with Dominion & Grimm, Lios precisely targeted what users truly needed and expressed it in the simplest and clearest possible way.