How to outsource effectively

So, you’ve decided to seek help to produce your technical documentation? Maybe even our article “Outsource or Hire? A few thoughts to help you choose” helped you decide? All you have to do now is make sure everything goes smoothly. Your documentation has to be produced as efficiently as possible and, especially, it has to […]


What Should You Look for in a Technical Writer?

So, you’re ready? You’ve taken a hard look and admitted that your technical documentation could be, well, better? It now seems obvious that asking your tech people to write user guides really is a bad use of their skills? You’ve made a decision: You’re going to hire a professional to produce technical documentation worthy of […]


Nobody’s reading your technical documentation? So make it better!

If you’re one to believe technical documentation goes unread, you may well end up wondering what the point of investing time and money in technical documentation is. But what if that’s actually not the right question? Technical documentation isn’t literature As Mark Baker points out in Users’ Advocate: Nobody Reads Documentation, “People read novels. They don’t […]